Augment Bone GraftAugment® Bone Graft is a bioengineered alternative to autograft in orthopedic surgery (non-human origin). In clinical studies, Augment® Bone Graft has been evaluated as a healing adjunct in foot and ankle fusion surgeries and distal radius fractures.

The product consists of two primary sterile components:

  • Medical grade β-TCP granules (1000-2000 µm) granules
  • rhPDGF-BB solution (0.3 mg/mL)

At the point of use, the two components are combined, mixed and subsequently applied to the surgical site. Following mixing, the final consistency is similar to ‘wet sand’. The β-TCP component of Augment Bone Graft provides a porous, osteoconductive scaffold to support cell attachment and spreading. Augment Bone Graft is designed for use in open orthopedic surgical procedures.

Augment Bone Graft is commercially available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada only.

Augment® Bone Graft is currently under review by the FDA, and is not yet available for sale in the U.S.

Augment® Bone Graft was marketed in Canada in November of 2009 and Australia and New Zealand in October of 2011 for foot and ankle indications.  See package inserts for complete indications for Augment Bone Graft's use:

Augment® Bone Graft Package Insert - Canada |  English   French

Augment® Bone Graft Package Insert - Australia & New Zealand |  English