Sports Medicine

Sports medicine describes a field of orthopedics that generally refers to the non-surgical and surgical management of cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries.

Common examples of these injuries include torn rotator cuffs (shoulder), tennis elbow, Achilles’ tendon tears (calf) and torn meniscus (knee cartilage).

Injuries to these structures are notoriously difficult to treat, as the body has a limited natural ability to regenerate these tissues.  Current treatments involve an array of approaches, including surgery, however the cartilage, ligament and tendons seldom ever return to a pre-injury state of function.  Due to a lack of therapies that can stimulate healing and regenerate these tissues, many of these injuries will result in some degree of permanent impairment and chronic pain.  As a result, there is a profound need for a more reliable and predictive therapeutic approach.

BioMimetic Therapeutics is currently investigating the ability of recombinant platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB) with an osteoconductive scaffold to stimulate repair of these tissues in pilot and pre-clinical studies.  Prior investigations have indicated that rhPDGF-BB can stimulate the various cell types that constitute cartilage, ligament and tendon.  These data suggest rhPDGF-BB could be an important adjunct to the management of sports medicine injuries.

In early 2012 the Company released data on a pilot clinical trial to assess the safety and clinical utility of Augment®* Rotator Cuff Graft for the repair of large rotator cuff tears.

*Augment Rotator Cuff is not approved for use in rotator cuff repairs.